Port of Patras

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Patras, Achaea, Greece)

Seven ferry companies serve four routes from Patras to other Greek and Italian destinations. Superfast, Anek Lines, Minoan Lines and Blue Star Ferries all serve Ancona in Italy; Venice Line Ferries, Minoan Lines, and Blue Star Ferries serve Venice; Maritime Way and Hellenic Mediterranean Lines serve Brindisi and Superfast also serves Bari in Italy.

In addition, many of these routes go via the ports of Igoumenitsa and Corfu in Greece and most run on a daily basis.

Patras to Ancona

Companies making daily runs to Ancona in Italy include: Superfast (taking 20 hours), Anek Lines, via Igoumenitsa (22 hours), Minoan Lines (20 hours), and Blue Star Ferries, also via Igoumenitsa. Located in eastern Italy, Ancona Port handles over one million passengers per year. Although it is a large port, facilities consist of the bare essentials, including a convenience store, café and toilets. Igoumenitsa Port is a major hub for sea traffic coming from Patras, Corfu and Italian destinations and offers passenger conveniences and a nearby town.

Patras to Venice

The Patras to Venice route is served by three separate ferry companies, including: Venice Line Ferries (23 hours); Minoan Lines, via Corfu and Igoumenitsa (27 hours); and Blue Star Ferries, which also goes via Corfu and Igoumenitsa (27 to 35 hours). Venice is a busy port and has three terminals. Facilities are extensive and include money changers, cafés, shops, public conveniences and great attention to detail. Corfu Port is located on the east of the island in Corfu Town and has basic passenger facilities, with a café, convenience store and public toilets and telephones.

Patras to Brindisi

Two ferry companies run to Brindisi, which is located on the heel of southeast Italy. These include: Maritime Way, going by way of Igoumenitsa (14 hours, 30 minutes) and Hellenic Mediterranean Lines, direct (15 hours). Brindisi is a well-established port but it lacks many public facilities. Hotels, shops and restaurants are a short walk away in Brindisi town.

Patras to Bari

Superfast Ferries also serves Bari, which is also in the southeast of Italy to the north of Brindisi. The crossing takes 15 hours, 30 minutes. Bari Port has two harbours - old and new. There are excellent facilities at the new port, which handles all of the ferry traffic. Facilities include cash machines, shops, a coffee shop and a tourist information point.

Patras Port

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